YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the big four when it comes to masses of incidental traffic; Their site appears at the top of the search results for millions of keywords as millions of videos get posted daily and YouTube just keeps on expanding. The site allows for a channel to be created much as if you are running a TV channel devoted to your business. This allows for a number of opportunities for marketing, SEO and general brand promotion. Using careful strategies, combined with social network sites like Facebook and Google+, Logic Ping can utilize YouTube channels to great effect when it comes to driving traffic and promoting a website.

Although it may seem like a video posted there is simply lost in the mass of teenage junk videos of themselves doing foolish things or videos of their favorite band taken on a poorly focused and shaky cellphone. YouTube is also a mine of information about just about any topic you can think of and so has become the Google equivalent of video search. Having an individual channel created by Logic Ping can separate your business and allow it to stand out.

Businesses use YouTube to publish all types of product information, infomercials, how-to videos – there’s no end to the ingenuity in finding reasons to publish a video and they do it for good reason. YouTube videos reach large audiences and with advertising attached in the form of a linked URL or a product mentioned in the video itself. News related to a business can be related with attached advertising, there are just so many options to choose from. Logic Ping understands well the power of YouTube as an SEO and advertising opportunity and have used YouTube to great effect bringing traffic and improving brand awareness.

If you have videos that can be used to promote your business or need to have some created for your YouTube channel, call Logic Ping today!