About us

The Logic Ping Corporation was founded in Thailand in 2006. The company has specialized in providing professional SEO services for companies across the globe.

Logic Ping has undergone several structural changes over the years and in 2009 officially opened their new head office in Israel. Offering local and international services to businesses of all sizes, Logic Ping continues to grow and provide professional SEO to clients from many countries in a broad range of industries.

Providing advice to enterprise corporations from Israel and many other countries, Logic Ping has full certification from Google and the Search Engine Optimization Program. The company has wide experience in all the activities that comprise a successful campaign including creating and managing successful PPC, social networking, content production and quality management. Staying abreast of technical changes, tracking the latest search algorithms and market trends keeps us at the forefront of our profession.

Logic ping Ltd. is managed by Mr. Shay Garini, an international expert in search engine optimization and social networking with demonstrable success in worldwide Internet marketing. Mr. Garini holds a number of relevant certifications in the USA and Israel and is a certified Google Partner. Considered an expert in his field Mr. Garini has many years’ experience in statistical analysis, online promotion, network marketing and provides a range of related professional consulting services.

Beyond our consulting activities Logic Ping focuses on four core areas where we provide high quality services performed by our team of highly experienced professionals. These services include:

  1. Professional SEO
  2. PPC Campaigns
  3. Social Network Management
  4. Content Management

Logic Ping operates globally with a number of centers spanning 3 continents:

USA (New York), Europe (United Kingdom)

Asia (Bangkok, Thailand) Middle East (Israel).

The environment and quality of life are important to us. For this reason we make every effort to be as green as possible – the company uses paperless systems and uses energy saving equipment wherever practical.