LinkedIn page

Logic Ping encourages our clients to use LinkedIn for a number of reasons. It offers yet another free opportunity to display information and links to your website –profile pages are searched and viewed all the time there too by other LinkedIn users; in addition, profiles are a regular appearance in the Google search results and generally in a favorably prominent top 5 position. Logic Ping have known about the power of LinkedIn pages for a long time and have learned how to create compelling profile pages and use them to further the objectives of your main website. LinkedIn is also a good choice of PPC advertising for many business types.

A LinkedIn Company page is the ideal platform for us to showcase your business to the professional community and build long-term links with potential clients. There are many options available on LinkedIn profile pages such as automatic publishing of your blog and other applications which behave as plugins but allow your profile page to offer visitors more than just the usual profile information that is only of scant interest to most. Logic Ping knows how to customize your LinkedIn profiles to offer your page visitors the best experience and functionality. We can add interesting profile features that showcase your portfolio, arrange for reviews written by your peers offer supporting information about your capabilities and products. We can make sure you are a contributing member of relevant industry groups and generally make your presence on LinkedIn attractive for traffic and a good source of links for your potential customers to follow.

If your company needs a powerful LinkedIn page, talk to Logic Ping experts today and get LinkedIn page for your business!