Website Statistics Analysis

The search engines fortunately allow us to see the exact performance of a website from a great number of perspectives with metrics that can simply confound most people. In addition are the statistics that are produced by hosting accounts with masses of figures produced in pages and pages of HTML that can seem completely meaningless to the uninitiated and become a dangerously inaccurate way to measure performance if not understood implicitly.

This is why the statistical analysis of a website and its performance is best left to those who can disseminate the information and create rational reports that make sense to normal business people. Logic Ping knows well that this information overload can result in disaster when the data is either misunderstood, misused or ignored. We put together statistical analyses that pinpoint the important information, make useful information available and discard irrelevant data; we then present it in a form that can be easily understand and used to improve a business and make better informed business decisions.
Websites create vast amounts of statistical data in a huge trail but we have special software that extracts the vital data, so success can be identified and replicated.

If you need to know more about how well your online business is really performing, talk to Logic Ping today and we will make sense of it all!