Analysis of 3rd Party SEO Services

We are very aware of the issues surrounding SEO services – many promise the earth and deliver little. Recent updates from Google (and they do this regularly) – addressed their perception of an unfair SEO tactic, where many well-ranked sites were using backlinks from sites which were not related in any way to the sites they were linked to. This removed millions of sites from the top spots for thousands of keywords. This is a typical example of why managing your SEO services is so important and not relying on the boasts that many dubious SEO companies make.
The problem lies in the fact many 3rd party SEO outfits will simply create a thousand backlinks from websites that may simply be comments on forums at sites covering topics totally unrelated to your site. These links are completely useless these days but look impressive on the sales pitch pages of SEO companies. For this reason it can pay to have other SEO services audited for their usefulness, ethics and performance. Logic Ping has all the tools and resources to make in-depth discovery of the efforts of other SEO companies.
To do this effectively we pay close attention to the latest trends and algorithm changes proposed for the future and those that are sprung upon (mostly unsuspecting) website owners. There are usually very good hints and tips given by Google and other search engines before they take drastic measures; for example, they have been warning about poor incoming backlink quality for some time and their last Penguin update although shocking in effect, was not surprising to us at Logic Ping. We already knew Google would not put up with link farming etc. for long.

Logic Ping can analyze any 3rd party SEO service and look into the long term viability of the SEO being done, recommend change ad improvement and overall allow our clients the peace of mind that their SEO funds are being applied to a worthwhile campaign.

Our knowledge of SEO is great so we can not only direct an SEO campaign for you, we can use many available metrics to show you in real terms what your SEO efforts are achieving – a list of directory submissions is not what we consider “useful” information. A report showing the improvements in search your site is making and how well it holds up against the competition is almost certainly preferable. We are aware that clients would rather see actual results than the way in which those results were achieved; in SEO, results need to be viable long-term – the short-term rise to the top and sudden fall off the SERPs is a common, if unpleasant sight for us.
Call us the SEO police if you like – we police those doing your SEO and keep them on the right side of Google’s law and keep your sites at the top of the SERPs.

Call Logic Ping today and make sure your SEO cash is being spent wisely!