Building and management campaignBing / Yahoo ads

Advertising in Bing and Yahoo is another opportunity to reach a large audience, although it has to be said that despite Yahoo and Bing using the same search indexing and “sharing a bed” so to speak, Bing is really not doing too well in search in comparison. Their combined share of the search market is only 11% and does not seem to be improving greatly as the Google 90% stranglehold on mobile search continues. For desktop search however, the Google share is only 65% so it is worthwhile making the most of Yahoo/Bing PPC campaigns.

We can create a well keyworded advertisement that will target the right market, appear only in relevant search results and attract click-throughs by clever sales vocabulary carefully created to make the most of the very limited ad spaces available. Bing and Yahoo appeal to a slightly different audience than Google and the PPC options vary, but Logic Ping has experience in the different management tools, reports and interfaces available as a Bing/Yahoo webmaster.

If you would like to see some great PPC results from your Bing/Yahoo campaign, call Logic Ping today and have some experts manage your PPC.