Twitter Channel

Twitter has grown enormously over the last few years and is now a leading medium of communication. Brand marketing and customer communications are only two of the many uses for a well-managed Twitter account. They can be used to generate a following who can then be marketed to for repeat sales. New trends in your product lines can be swiftly communicated so customers are kept up to date with the best discounts and offers. Promotions sent out using Twitter can include all manner of imagery and video. Logic Ping uses Twitter in conjunction with other social networking sites so that your marketing messages and communications are regularly broadcast. Twitter can be used in many ways so our approach is to use the Twitter framework as much as possible in conjunction with other social networking platforms to create a wide coverage of the potential markets whatever medium they choose to receive information through.

Logic Ping can integrate email campaigns with Twitter, Facebook, and G+ accounts to form powerful marketing tools that combined can reach huge numbers of people. The Twitter service has over 500 million users so despite the small message space available, used properly there is a huge potential when it comes to reach. Mobile users in particular find Twitter to be a useful daily tool so unlike Facebook which generally relies on users to log in and scroll through their messages and posts, Twitter is more instant. It can be used in this way to great effect to entice buyer interest through time-limited offers for example. Innovative use of Twitter to promote your business is a specialty of Logic Ping.

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