Building and management campaign LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn is used by over 150 million people and by many as the mainstay of their presence on the Internet. Aimed at business users, LinkedIn offers some great advertising opportunities. The way LinkedIn works is very similar to social networks such as Facebook, with more emphasis on the profile which is oriented toward a more business representation the user, rather than a social one. LinkedIn allows for friends and networks to be created in much the same way as the mainstream social networks, so a large demographic can be reached; although requiring a different approach to Facebook. Logic Ping has intricate knowledge of how LinkedIn operates and how to maximize the use of groups and other functionality to leverage your audience.

LinkedIn also allows for paid advertising which can be a great way to reach a large audience. Logic Ping can create company pages on LinkedIn in a similar way to Facebook. We will create advertising campaigns for your business that target the millions of LinkedIn business users and use the groups and other communications channels within LinkedIn to maintain a vibrant interest in your business, services and products. Advertising on LinkedIn requires a different approach to the other social networks but Logic Ping have refined the way we create campaigns to take advantage of the differences. Business users talk a different language to other social network user – Logic Ping speaks that language well.

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