Analysis of existing website & Filing amendments (repairs)

Logic Ping are able to expertly examine an existing website and create a report for the owner that identify where improvements can be made, the status of backlinks, crawl errors, code error, missing tags, sitemaps and numerous other components that need to be correct in order for a website to function properly for visiting users, be seen in the search results. We also make sure sites we develop and manage contain all the necessary features, links and content that are required for a site to be successful in the heavily competitive search market.

Using advanced tools we are able to quickly find poor performing pages and raise their profile so they can be found in search and behave the way the design intended. Our careful attention creates high traffic revenue-generating pages that are seen by search and attract the most user actions. This process allows our clients to get a proper return on the investment they have made in their site development.

If you think your site is underperforming, talk to Logic Ping today and we can get started getting the results you need!