Writing Marketing Content for Websites

To increase revenue and search prominence, it is important to have well written marketing content for your websites and advertising. There is nothing more alluring than well-formed marketing material written by copywriting specialists so Logic Ping has partnered with some of the finest marketing copywriters available to do just that.

Website visitors are extremely choosy when it comes to selecting a website that they will buy from. They need to see trustworthy seller behavior, enticing products, unique selling propositions and above all credible and engaging reasons to carry on reading or take action.

Simply telling a visitor to buy is not enough; they must believe that whatever they are about to part with their money for will return them the perceived value you have demonstrated. This is why sales vocabulary must be different to other types of writing, and why professional copywriters are required to produce it. Most people cannot write compelling text unless trained to do so.

Other major factors used by visitors when assessing whether to spend their money at an online ecommerce site is the quality of the site, the design and the content. The written material within a site has to be at very least worthy of the time taken to read it and more so if a sale is to be made. It has been shown that an audience has to be engaged within seven seconds or so for them to decide to carry on reading. This is why a good copywriter gets a 300 word message into 5 words and why we see the use of headlines so much in advertising – this attention span is very important so quality copywriting is the only option for anyone who wants decent sales conversions. The best sales copy in the world is short and succinct. We know this at Logic Ping so we only use the best copywriters to create sales and marketing content for our clients. If our clients prosper, so do we. For that reason, copywriting is one area we pay particular attention to when we help clients with their sales websites.

Make sure your audience is engaged and ready to buy with Logic Ping copywriting services.