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Google’s recent updates have resulted in a mass of websites disappearing off the search results pages many due to poor copywriting and their adjudged low quality of user experience. The changes Google made were aimed at improving the quality of the sites that they displayed in their search results and to this end they even employed hordes of people to do human quality testing. The result was millions of pages wiped off the Google results pages after a nerve-wracking afternoon for website owners across the globe. Google is still updating its methods to try and reduce the amount of low grade sites but aside from the millions of spam sites and one-page sites, deemed useless to the average vistor, many site owners were affected simply by failing to engage a decent copywriter.

The problem with many sites is that they are aimed at performing well in the search engine results and many a cheap SEO company is to blame for that. Part of the problem can now be firmly blamed on the content. Google wants to see quality content and is now ranking sites with higher quality content above those simply stuffed with keywords and questionable backlinks. How do they do this? Google has been perfecting semantic indexing for a while now and combined with a Flesch reading ease and other metrics, is able to determine to a degree whether a page is well written or not.

Semantic indexing basically looks through text and ranks a number of similar phrases as equal to a single keyword. So if your text describes umbrellas in ten different ways, Google can detect them all and relate them all to a single keyword. It can also relate paragraphs contextually; if they make no sense (i.e. fail a grammar check) they will also be lowered into obscurity in the search results. Google rewards rich content that does not rely on repeated use of keywords to indicate a page topic for search purposes.

All this adds up to a clear message; create quality content for your sites or don’t expect to see them in the SERPs. We have known these things for some time at Logic Ping so our website copywriters are carefully selected to offer us the native English, perfect grammar and intriguing copy that engages the audience to the point of conversion.

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