Website Consulting Services

Logic Ping offer a range of consulting services aimed at website owners and potential owners who need assistance producing well-designed websites that meet the objectives of the business and where required, are highly visible in search and online advertising. The Internet evolves at a fast pace leaving many uncertain as to what type of online platform to present their business through. Logic Ping has many years’ experience and wide expertise when it comes to advising companies about their online possibilities and which technologies will produce the best results.

We provide consulting services that cover a broad spectrum of Internet development and management. There are so many options to choose from when building, converting or updating a website. Coding technologies vary with HTML5, CSS and PHP all very popular but not always interchangeable – we know which platforms and programs suit your business best. We can advise on the most appropriate CMS, what type of advertising and campaigns would suit your business and offer the best marketing ROI. Logic Ping are Google partners so we have access to resources that can not only be used to promote your products and services, but also to test your site and its components for search engine compatibility. We are also webmasters at Yahoo, Bing and Yandex so can manage your sites once they are operating and make sure they remain optimized and competitive.
Our understanding of Internet technologies is extensive so we are able to offer professional advice on any aspect of developing and maintaining an online platform.

If you need expert advice about your websites or SEO talk to an experienced web consultant at Logic Ping today and get answers!