Building and management campaign Facebook ads

Facebook advertising is one of the world’s most wide reaching advertising networks on the planet. Facebook has an astonishing 1 billion + users and numbers are still rising. With this amount of exposure to advertising it’s no wonder many businesses choose to include Facebook advertising in their marketing plans. In a similar manner to AdWords, Facebook offers a platform which allows us to create adverts, choose many options such as delivery methods, demographic reach, timing of impressions and many other factors which when correctly applied can produce very good click through rates and reach a wide qualified audience.

Facebook ads can include all manner of media and depending on the service or product can be integrated with the Facebook page or linked to websites so that incoming traffic will be where you need it to be. Facebook ads can be delivered as a campaign related to a special offer or can be an ongoing publicity and traffic funnel for your website or Facebook page. Successful Facebook campaigns rely on playing the social networking game and Logic Ping know exactly how to do this to bring in those ‘likes’ and repeat traffic.

In tandem with our advertising on Facebook, we can create a social campaign that encourages participation on your Facebook page – the more popular your page, the more often your ads will be seen! Facebook is all about sharing and using their PPC advertising system is the ideal way to maximize your access to the billion Facebook users out there ready to click on your ad! Logic Ping can provide you with a complete campaign and together with our SEO and social networking can help push your revenues higher and higher!

Contact Logic Ping today and let us take your business to a new level with a Facebook PPC campaigns.