Internet Advertising campaign (PPC )

Pay-per-Click (PPC) is a very effective way of reaching a large audience for a relatively small cost. The system is fairly simple. Advertisements are created in Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and many others. The ads are then presented to the public alongside the search results. Google display their AdWords ads in the right-hand sidebar of their results page for example. They are also displayed on participating websites.
Every time the ad is clicked on by a searcher/website user, a PPC action is recorded and the owner of the advertisement pays for each click. The amount paid depends on the amount required to bid against the competition for the advertising space available. Google only displays a maximum of 7 advertisements in their sidebar so to allow everyone the opportunity to appear in those spaces, a bidding system is in place. Whoever offers the highest bid per click gets the highest spot, next highest gets position two etc. Only pages one and two of the search engine results have ads on them.

Bidding can be an automatic process but this has to be carefully managed to avoid frivolous spending which can mount up fast. A manually configured campaign can make much better use of marketing budgets and Logic Ping know well how to create successful campaigns with managed bids and keyword-to-page targeting to maximize the quality of the traffic that will be directed there. Careful working and keyword choice are extremely important when it comes to writing short form advertising. There is not much text available in a typical search advertisement so we have copywriters who produce enticing words that generate clicks; other advertising may require graphic design for more visual advertising – our designers are experts in creating visually attractive graphics that encourage user action.

There are many attributes to a PPC campaign that have to be set up and managed and with advertising
budget on the line, careful management can make the advertising budget stretch a lot further and reach
a lot more qualified leads. Logic Ping is a certified partner of Google and has been
managing campaigns for years and we know the ins and outs of PPC advertising
and how to maximize its impact and minimize its cost.

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