Google Plus page

Until recently, Facebook was the mainstay social networking but in the last 2 years Google’s G+ has taken a firm foothold. The number of users for Google + has risen to around 1770 million with 100m active per day. Although overshadowed by the colossal 1 billion Facebook users, G+ is only in its infancy in comparison but growing rapidly. The majority of G+ users are business users and student s which puts it mid-way between the Facebook and LinkedIn in terms of market share.

Google is also the owner of the world’s largest search engine so it makes total sense to use their social networking site as much as possible as it presents good opportunities for a business to appear in more search results pages. Google seems to favor Google+ entries and the G+ “like” button is pressed over 600 million times a day at present. To protect your data is the Google Author tag which we can make the best use of to protect your site from unauthorized content duplication. This means others will not be able to compete with you using your own site content. The only way to have this protection is to have a Google + page set up properly to cover authorship. Logic Ping can do all this and more for you using your Google + account and link all your content to your business or a person as an author.

This all amounts to a good opportunity for SEO and Logic Ping know just how to use G+ to positively leverage the positioning of your business in the search engine results pages. We will create a superb profile to showcase your business and create campaigns that include G+ to widen your brand exposure and keep traffic engaged.

Call Logic Ping today and we will use the full potential of your Google + account to promote your business and protect its content!