Manage Social Networks

Managing social networks is a major undertaking for those trying to keep control of the many channels of communication and marketing that social networks offer. Ping Logic have been managing social networking for clients in industries of all types. Social networking is not simply a popular activity for Internet users. It is THE most popular online activity of all outstripping all other Internet pursuits such as gaming and shopping by a considerable amount. This is 82% of the online population spending a staggering 20% of their online time social networking.

Email takes up another huge amount of that time so we focus on email marketing too as part of the communication process of social networking. Expanding social networks is a specialty that requires some determination and experience. Simply asking to be friends with your target market has limited effect; carefully nurturing your social networking, running ad campaigns that generate traffic and revenues.

In order to create an atmosphere where visitors remain loyal and return to your social networking pages we create interesting and engaging fresh content and ideas that satisfy the demand for new and original online material. These efforts are proven to build traffic and customer brand loyalty with the general public insatiable for novel and interesting ways to spend their time. Logic Ping thinks laterally when considering what content to add to sites – we like to provide exactly what people want in an enticing format that people are attracted toward. Managing and updating this content is a major contributor
to the SEO efforts we apply too, so there is a double advantage to this approach.

If you need help managing your social networks and need quality content, contact
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