Facebook page

Facebook pages are a fantastic way to reach a massive audience. With over 1 billion users Facebook is now the most visited site on the planet giving access to the biggest demographic possible. To reach these large numbers requires intimate knowledge of what makes Facebook users tick. Or click. Logic Ping creates fantastic Facebook pages that are alive with a constant flow of interesting content that folk will keep coming back for more. The more visitors engage, the more opportunity there is to convert, nurture for a future sale or simple entertain and reinforce a brand.

Facebook has come a long way since the static old page with simple comments and sharing; it now offers many opportunities for marketing and networking and along with that, branding and creating a strong bond with your customers. The personal touch has never been more possible online than with Facebook; it offers the ability for a business to have direct communication (and invaluable feedback) from customers to enable them to get more from you, and you to find out more about what they want. In combination with a Facebook page, Logic Ping can use the Facebook advertising channel to create a successful platform through which sales conversion and repeat sales are made much easier and allow the opportunity for significant revenue growth.

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