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Organic SEO Services
Organic SEO Services from Logic Ping are designed to ensure that your website pages are easily found in the search engines. The competition for the top place in the search engine results pages (SERPs) is fierce and is a result of some very important factors.

Search Engines
First the world of search is dominated by Google as 86% of all global searches are made using their search engine. Bing and Yahoo have about 11% (27% in the USA) of the global search market, a gradually reducing figure. This makes Google.
In Russian speaking countries Yandex is the search engine of choice and the number one target for a good search position. The next statistic that is highly relevant is the fact that over 70% of those that attract a click from a searcher are in the top 5 places in Google

Be First or Be Last
The number one position in the search results is so coveted because 42% of searchers click on it – more than double the number two figure, in an ever decreasing amount as you descend the results page. If your site is on page two you may as well not be listed at all, because very little search traffic gets that far. Logic Ping has in-depth expertise in optimizing web pages and has developed a range of organic SEO services that enable our clients’ pages to reach that number one
spot for our carefully researched keywords in Google, Yandex, Bing and Yahoo.
Organic search is all about finding the keywords that suit your business and are
popular among searchers. We do this using special processes that reveal the best
keywords to use after we have carefully examined your business and the services,
products or information it offers. Organic search can generate huge amounts of traffic
so optimization of your web pages is a crucial step towards online business success.
Join the many businesses we have helped to that number one spot in the SERPs by
calling Logic Ping today – we get you seen in organic search!