Facebook page

Facebook pages are a fantastic way to reach a massive audience. With over 1 billion users Facebook is now the most visited site on the planet giving access to the biggest demographic possible. To reach these large numbers requires intimate … Continue reading

LinkedIn page

Logic Ping encourages our clients to use LinkedIn for a number of reasons. It offers yet another free opportunity to display information and links to your website –profile pages are searched and viewed all the time there too by other … Continue reading

Twitter Channel

Twitter has grown enormously over the last few years and is now a leading medium of communication. Brand marketing and customer communications are only two of the many uses for a well-managed Twitter account. They can be used to generate … Continue reading

YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the big four when it comes to masses of incidental traffic; Their site appears at the top of the search results for millions of keywords as millions of videos get posted daily and YouTube just keeps … Continue reading

Google Plus page

Until recently, Facebook was the mainstay social networking but in the last 2 years Google’s G+ has taken a firm foothold. The number of users for Google + has risen to around 1770 million with 100m active per day. Although … Continue reading

Manage Social Networks

Managing social networks is a major undertaking for those trying to keep control of the many channels of communication and marketing that social networks offer. Ping Logic have been managing social networking for clients in industries of all types. Social … Continue reading